Bitcoin is trying to return above $7000

25.11.2019 15:33:36

November 25, the correction phase began on the cryptocurrency market, the result of which was an increase in the capitalization of digital assets by 15 billion.

At the time of publication of this material, the cryptocurrency market capitalization rose to $195.739 billion. The bitcoin exchange rate strengthened to $7204, so the coin was able to recoup a bit after falling to $6585.

Thanks to BTC support, almost all of the largest altcoins have risen in price. For example, Ethereum (ETH) and XRP rose up to $147 and $0.222 respectively.


Currently, we are seeing the results of a positive correction, however, experts predict that the resumption of a more confident growth is unlikely in the cryptocurrency market. Most likely, the support will be short-term, and after that the rollback will begin again.

On some trading platforms, Bitcoin is still trading below $7,000. It will be very difficult for a coin to overcome resistance at the level of $7200-7300, which will only increase as it approaches this value.